BYFA 10 Week Development Program
Oct 4th- Dec 6th 2021
We/I agree to meet the costs associated with participation on the BYFA Player Development Program.  I agree to make payment for the Player Development Program in advance for the 10 week program.
I also agree to meet any additional costs for illness, injury, accident or unforeseen circumstances, which may occur during the period of the activities in which my son participates as may be deemed necessary.
I understand is a session is Rained out will not be able to make it up I will allow the coach/s to perform their role without interference, in accordance within Football Australia’s coaching ethics.
I will not hold the “Brisbane Youth Football Academy” or any of the Coaches participating in any coaching session responsible for any injury, accident or unforeseen circumstance endured by son while taking part in any activities or during the care of the “Brisbane Youth Football Academy” or its staff and coaches. 
I agree that the operators of the BYFA Player Development Program are able to change venues during the week at short notice.

Please note:
We will be unable to make up wet weather days.

The kits will only include shirts and shorts. Players are welcome to wear their club socks.

Players are required to wear their BYFA Kit through out the Camp.

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit please email for Bank details and a reference Number.

Every Player must be registered via this form
Mothers Name
Player's First Name
Player's Surname
I agree with the above
Date of birth
Father's Name
Is a kit required?
Payment Type
Is there more than one player
in the family joining?
Additional players from one family are $90.00 each